subdomains.templatetags.subdomainurls.url(context, view, subdomain=<object object>, *args, **kwargs)

Resolves a URL in a template, using subdomain-based URL resolution.

If no subdomain is provided and a request is in the template context when rendering, the URL will be resolved relative to the current request’s subdomain. If no request is provided, the URL will be resolved relative to current domain with the settings.ROOT_URLCONF.


{% load subdomainurls %}
{% url 'view-name' subdomain='subdomain' %}


This tag uses the variable URL syntax introduced in Django 1.3 as {% load url from future %} and was made the standard in Django 1.5. If you are upgrading a legacy application from one of the previous template tag formats, make sure to quote your constant string URL names to avoid NoReverseMatch errors during template rendering.